We launch you to microgravity


Provider of end-to-end services to enable and expand research and commercial applications in microgravity – a condition in which objects appear to be weightless providing researchers with an environment that helps find cures to the world’s deadliest diseases or discover advanced materials benefiting pharma, biotech, advanced materials and electronics industries. The company's services include mission definition, hardware selection & development, on-ground training, launch, and return, offering researchers a quick and affordable combination of experiment hardware, facilities and microgravity platform


Yuri has a flight-proven portfolio of hardware boxes for a variety of science experiments. The hardware consists of standard experiment containers (outer shell) and specific experiment inserts (inner shell). They can also develop new hardware if needed. Hardware is offered on a leasing basis and can be used for flight and ground testing. The experiment sets interface mechanically and electrically with compatible facilities using a simple clip-in-place design. The company was founded by a team of space engineers with experience from 11 ISS missions, mars rovers, floating robots and 30+ years in the space industry