Code the body can run


BIOS is unlocking the potential of the nervous system in treating chronic disease by using AI-powered neural interfaces that can automatically read and write neural signals. BIOS’ mission is to revolutionise healthcare by creating digital neural therapies for chronic disease and to enable third parties to create new treatments using the platform. The first target is heart disease, the number one cause of death in the world and with virtually no new pharmaceutical treatments developed in the past fifty years


BIOS is made up of a wide range of experts from neuroscience, machine learning, software engineering, applied biomaterials, biotechnology, and medicine to solve the complex problems of successfully integrating AI-based treatments into the human body. Combined, the team brings 300+ peer-reviewed publications, 6,000+ clinical procedures, and 10+ first-of-kind medical devices. Additionally, BIOS has the largest proprietary neural dataset in the world on which to train its AI models to detect biomarkers for chronic disease